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Island pest controlRATS

Rats like Mice need to keep their front teeth in shape through grinding on hard materials. Rats can be distinguished from mice as they are generally larger. Rats have keen taste, hearing and a good sense of smell. They are good climbers and will climb to find food & shelter. Rats can enter buildings through openings larger than ½ inch across,. Their urine and droppings carry a number of different diseases harmful to humans such as wells disease. They also can cause damage to wiring in buildings. Treatments are undertaken by the use of tamper resistant bait stations containing poisoned food bait. Depending on the level of the infestation treatment varies between 14 – 28 days. We guarantee our treatment and will not finish the job until the problem is eradicated.


Island pest controlMICE

Mice like rats and need to keep their front teeth in shape through grinding on hard materials. Mice do not have the ability to control their bladder and constantly urinate which can contaminate food. It is possible for a young mouse to get through a gap of 6mm. Mice will build nests in hard to find places eg under floorboards, in cavities and loft spaces. Treatments are undertaken by the use of tamper resistant bait stations containing poisoned food bait.

Depending on the level of the infestation treatment varies between 14 – 28 days. We guarantee our treatment and will not finish the job until the problem is eradicated.


Island pest controlCOCKROACHES

Cockroaches are a major health hazard in both commercial and domestic premises. They carry different diseases such as salmonella and dysentery. Cockroaches are nocturnally active and scavenge over wide areas. They will eat anything including themselves.
There are two types of cockroaches found on the Isle of Wight, namely the German cockroach and the Oriental Cockroach.

Oriental Cockroach
The Oriental cockroach is found mainly in wall cavities and drains. It can be found mostly indoors but can be found outside in the summer months. The Oriental cockroach can grow up to an inch long.

German cockroach
German cockroaches mainly leave their harbourage at night when the lights are off. They sometimes can be spotted during daytime in search of food and water. German cockroaches like heat and are normally found close to radiators in ovens, microwaves and fridges. An adult German cockroach is a third of the size smaller than an Oriental cockroach and unlike the Oriental cockroach German cockroaches can climb smooth surfaces. Treatments due to the nature of these pests can take time to fully eradicate. Therefore customer are advised that several treatments might be required.


Island pest controlMOLES

Moles are common particularly in areas of permanent grassland such as private gardens, lawns and fields.
Moles have a highly developed sense of touch and hearing. Each mole inhabits its own underground tunnel system. It patrols these tunnels on a regular cycle looking for grubs and earthworms. Moles are most active just before sunset and just after sunrise. Their breeding season is between February to June. Moles can cause a lot of damage to your lawn when they come to the surface.
Treatment involves trapping we use a variety of traps depending on each circumstance. We have an excellent track record and are accredited mole catchers. We only charge for each mole caught.


Island pest controlANTS

Ants are a yearly problem to both residential and commercial premises. There are two types of ants that cause problems on the Isle of Wight, which are the black and red ants.

Black ants
Ant's nests are found in flower beds, under paving and at the base of walls. The worker ants normally invade properties in search of sweet substances during the spring and summer months. The Queen (winged) ants leave the nest to relocate during hot summer afternoons. This can cause huge amounts of concern when at any one time thousands of flying ants can take to the air.

Island pest controlRed ants
Red ants are slightly smaller than black ants; their nests are found typically under paving stones or slabs. The red ant can deliver a painful sting which is injected with formic acid. Each nest can last for several years with up to 1000 worker ants at any time. All the eggs are laid by a single Queen. Treatment is by way of a spray which provides a barrier to insect entry. This will kill ants on contact; also ant traps can be used.




Island pest controlFLIES

The housefly is the most common fly occurring in homes and the most familiar of all flies. House flies can take in only liquid foods, they spit out saliva on solids foods to pre digest it and then suck it back in. They also vomit partially digested matter and eat it again.

Blue bottle
Types of blowfly are common in the house. Normally the female blowfly lays eggs on dead animals, they are attracted to rotting carcases from several miles away. Also other decomposing matter and faeces can be a breeding ground.
Blowfly infesting buildings can be a sign of dead rats or mice can be present

Cluster Flies
Cluster fly eggs are laid , in earthworms . They usually occupy wall voids and attics. They normally use the same structure year after year. They can become a problem in mild weather such as in autumn and springtime. In the autumn they enter to hibernate. On warm sunny autumn days and in the spring they begin to leave the structure. You find them in roft lofts and attic rooms. Once stimulated cluster flies seek ultra violet light. They can be found crawling around lamps and windows in vast numbers.
Treatment is by way of smoke generators for loft areas, spray treatment, fly units or cluster busters.


Island pest controlBED BUGS

There has been an increase in bed bugs worldwide, including the Isle of Wight. This is due to the weather climate in the United Kingdom and people travelling more. They can be transmitted from hotel to hotel and domestic premises on furniture, clothing and luggage.

Bed bugs spend most of their time hiding in cracks, crevices, furniture or bedding and remerge when hungry in search of a blood meal. They can ingest seven times their body weight in one meal.
Highly sensitive individuals will feel an unpleasant irritation following their bites.

Is very labour and insecticide intensive and may require several treatments, client co operation is essential. A four hour exclusion time is required once treatment is complete.


Island pest controlBROWN TAIL MOTH

Brown tail moth eggs are laid July and August on the underside of leaves especially fruit trees. The eggs hatch in late August and September, the caterpillars immediately spin a "silken tent" which is used for shelter .They feed on the surrounding vegetation. The caterpillars grow to 1 ½ inches, after moulting they hibernate towards the end of October .the caterpillars then re emerge in April or early May to feed and make more tents.

The caterpillars are very distinctive they are dark brown/black in colour with fire red stripes on their backs; their bodies are covered with long yellow hairs.

The caterpillar hairs are an irritant to the skin. Avoid any contact or handling of the caterpillars. Keep windows closed near any infestation. People should seek medical attention if breathing problems occur or a skin irritation persists for more than a few hours.

For any minor skin irritation use an antihistamine cream or calamine lotion.

Treatment during the spring and summer involves cutting out the tents and spraying the area with insecticide.


Island pest controlWASPS

The two main types of problem wasps on in the United Kingdom the common wasp and the German wasp.

Both species of wasps are common throughout the Isle of Wight. Wasps are social insects, forming colonies inside nests specially constructed in the ground, in cavities, trees and walls and very frequently in roof spaces. Wasps are approximately 10 to 20mm long and have the famous black and yellow stripes.

The main hazard form wasps is the risk of" anaphylactic shock" which can arise from a single wasp sting. Wasps also visit dustbins, waste depots and dead animal bodies which can lead to the spread of disease and contamination of food stuff.

Pump insecticidal powder into the nest.

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Island pest controlFLEAS

The most common fleas found in houses and office are cat and dog fleas. Fleas have long legs
that enable them to jump vertically . Fleas vary in colour from dark grey through to dark mahogany

Fleas are still very much disliked because of the bites they inflict and the deep rooted social stigma
attached to humans with flea infestation.

When lava hatch the adult flea will remain dormant until stimulation of a potential host, this
dormant stage can be for a considerable amount of time. Fleas need animal blood to breed

A thorough treatment to all floor areas is required. We use the most up to date insecticide with
hormone growth regulators to eradicate and break the life cycle of the flea.

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Island pest controlPIGEONS

Feral pigeons have moved away from the coast to nest inland, they roost high up on buildings where
their droppings carry a risk of disease and can damaged brick and stonework. They rely on the public
for their food and feed on scraps, bread, cakes and bird seed given to them. Pigeons have become
a pest fouling on buildings, pavements and gardens. The droppings contaminate, and transmit

The best way to deter pigeons is y way of proofing the building. There are a variety and innovative
measures for this such as bird netting, bird spikes, bird points, sprung pin and wire systems.

We can offer a free no obligation quotation.

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Island pest controlFLY CONTROL

Flies are a nuisance because of the disease they carry. It is vital to take prompt action to control
flies especially in areas were food is prepared and packaged. Island Pest Control can supply and
install a comprehensive range of products such as electric fly units, glue fly control, discreet fly
control, fly screen doors , fly screen windows and chain link curtains.

We also fit and supply new fly unit tubes and offer a regular service plan to ensure your fly units are
performing to their maximum potential.




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